Alfa romeo 159/Brera/Spider Ecu Location

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The ECU for is found under the bonnet, next to the battery on the right hand side.

Alfa romeo 159.jpg

There are 2 types of fixing to the battery tray.

(1) = 1.9 + 2.4 jtdm and 2.2 + 3.2 jts

(2) = 2.0 jtdm

1. The ecu is fixed to a metal frame by 4 x 10mm nuts. simply remove 2 x 10mm bolts that hold the metal bracket to the tray, remove both ecu edge connectors now remove ecu bracket on the bench.

2. The ECU is bolted directly to a plastic mount on the front of the battery tray by 4 x 10mm nuts. Remove multiplug connector from the n/s headlamp to access the lower 2 x nuts. remove top 2 x nuts and ecu connectors. remove ecu from vehicle