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Q: Model's with the keyless push start ignition, car fails to read or write?

A: The ignition is not fully on! Select 1st gear, and hold the start button until the audio tone is heard, the ignition is now fully on. Start the write/recovery mode


A: De-press the push start button twice to activate full ignition

Q: Any BMW after write with OBD2 the engine will not start?

A: Tricore protected ECU after 2009 stop this. Return the vehicle to original on obd2. Start the vehicle, then remove the Ecu and carry out a bench flash using your Tricore and bootmode tool's.

Q: How long is the read time for 335i/535i with SIEMENS MSD81 ECU

A: The read time on this particular ECU is very long. in some cases around 2- 2.5 hours. A very good battery stabliser will be required and also make sure that the KEY/TEG is set to fully/permanent on, as the dash will turn off after a period of time and interrupt/corrupt the read. (THERE IS NO BDM/BOOT OPTION FOR THIS ECU)

Bmw 3-Series Dpf Removal Advice


When removing the dpf on this vehicle please ensure you are removing the diesel particulate filter not the catalyst! Easily mistaken for the cat, the dpf (can) be found infront of the catalyst, which is located just of the turbo. However it can also be located in the middle section of the exhaust. You will be able to tell if it is the dpf or the catalyst by checking the filter material inside the exhaust when removed. see pics

Common Dpf Related Faults

  • Boost leaks
  • Loose boost pipe clips
  • jammed/stuck egr valve
  • swirl flap failure
  • Dpf pressure sensor faulty/broken

BMW DPF Fault Codes

BMW P2002 Particle Filter Bank 1: Malfunction

BMW P2003 Particulate Trap Efficiency Below Threshold

BMW P242F Diesel Particular Filter Restriction

BMW P2452 Particulate Matter Trap Differential Pressure Sensor Circuit

BMW P2453 Diesel Particle Filter Differential Pressure Sensor: Implausible Signal

BMW P2463 Diesel Particle Filter: Excessive Soot Accumulation