Egr Valve Failure

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Here are some of the common faults/reasons as to why an EGR Valve could fail -

Faults in the crankcase breather/oil separator/engine vent valve Increased blow by a result of wear on the piston and cylinders Turbocharger faults ie: worn bearings or blocked oil return pipe Not changing oil - oil filters or Oil level to high

If the Egr valve is failing to open then you could be experiencing symptoms like - Nitrogen oxides increase considerably Incorrect engine performance characteristics Possibly Limp Mode Poor/No idle Increased fuel consumption

Possible causes for the Egr Valve not be open - EGR valve stuck in position because it is gummed up Leakage/Secondary air on the vacuum side Vacuum connections disconnected or incorrectly fitted Faulty electric pressure switch converter valve

Problems you could be experiencing when the egr valve will not close - Black/Blue smoke Poor acceleration Top speed is not reached EGR valve damaged through over heating - due to incorrect control - due to high exhaust back pressure - due to non-opening blow-off valve (for turbocharger) Air flow meter or other sensor signal faulty Intake pipe in the area of the exhaust gas recirculation system partly constricted by deposits/Turbocharger could have an oil leak

egr delete on vehicles with a dpf fitted

Its a well documented obsession of enthusiast diesel owners to remove a EGR or an owner with a faulty EGR to wants to remove it.

EGR removal in engineering terms will break down into a number of issues.

We are currently seeing tuners offering EGR deletes on vehicles equipped with LIVE DPF systems. We DO NOT offer this service for a number reasons. First of all, as part of the integral emissions system that was embedded into the software, the EGR and DPF systems work together in the regeneration process, as such we only remove EGR functions with DPF deactivation.

If the EGR system is deleted by means of duty cycle and airflow modification, this will have a negative impact on the DPF regeneration cycle. The DPF system was designed to work along side the EGR using different strategies in the passive and active regeneration process..

egr blanking kit

EGR delete, EGR faulty, and EGR removed with kit are 3 different things for a file writer to deal with. non are the same to do. If a code exists we must know in advance.

EGR delete does not exist in file writing terms - We command it to close above warmup