Mitsubishi L200 / Shogun ECU location

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The ECU is bolted to the front passenger side inner pillar.

Mitsubishi l200 and shogun.jpg

To locate and remove it you will need to:

  • Disconnect the battery
  • Remove the key
  • Open the passenger door
  • Remove all the trims that are on the left hand side of the foot well including the kick strip
  • Remove the trim under the glove box
  • Remove the glove box
  • Remove the floor mat
  • Lift the carpet up and remove the white polystyrene block
  • Pull out all of the multi pin connectors (edge connectors) that surround the bottom of the ECU to give you as much space as possible
  • Remove the bolts holding the ECU in its security bracket and carefully drop it down without damaging surrounding cables
  • Once you have the ECU out remove the security bolts to release it from it's bracket

You may find that when you re-install the ecu you have an engine management light on, this is normal. just clear it with a diagnostic tool or drive the vehicle to let it complete its checks and the light will distinguish.