Subaru Impreza petrol Tuning Advice

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Subaru Impreza Tuning via the OBD Port

You will need to tune this vehicle with a specific tuning tool, an example would be a tatrix unit which should be supplied to you with the necessary adaptors to enable communication.

When linking up to the vehicle you will need to look under the dashboard by the foot pedals and you should see (2) green connectors. These need to be joined together to enable the vehicle to communicate to the tool. As mentioned above you should have been supplied with additional adaptors which may need to be plugged into another connector adjacent to the green adaptors. But in most cases (only the green connectors are required). You will notice that once there are connected and you put the ignition on the engine management light will pulse on and off and so will the cooling fans. This should be standard priority as per any job but please ensure you have a battery charger linked to the vehicle!

Once you have read/write the calibration data make sure you disconnect the 2 green adaptors prior to starting and driving the vehicle.

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