Vauxhall All 1.7/1.9CDTI Dpf Off And Tuning Advice

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Q: I want to remove the dpf?

A: It is advised that you remove the ecu and read it with a bdm tool so you can access all of the maps successfully to switch the dpf off correctly


A: On the 1.9 cdti CMD users can use the virtual read function through OBD (roughly 30seconds) and Write back the full BDM file through OBD. (5mins max)

CMD read and write through OBD port

Error code p2279

Trouble code P2279 indicates that an air leak has occurred on the "metered" side of the intake manifold.


Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) illumination with P2279 diagnostic trouble code set

Stalling at a stop

Idle "hunts" or surges

Lack of power Dead spots on acceleration

ECM sets additional codes such as engine miss in number 1 cylinder

Engine "pings" due to the lean mixture

Cherry red exhaust manifolds from overly lean mixture Hissing sound produced by the air leak

Increased resistance in the power brakes (harder pedal)

Potential Causes:

Potential causes for this engine code may include:

Leak between engine side of mass airflow sensor and air duct

Air duct leak engine side

Leak at intake air temperature sensor

Leak at throttle body

Intake manifold crack or leak

Disconnected or broken vacuum hose

Bad fuel injector seal at manifold

Leaky brake booster vacuum hose

Leak under dash at a vacuum operated device

Stuck PCV valve

Stuck crankcase oil filler cap

Anything and everything connected to the intake manifold could potentially cause this scenario.