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How To Prepare And Reset Additive Control Systems Prior To DPF Delete

Taking into consideration that you have diagnosed the vehicle and

  • The BSI is not faulty
  • All FAP/DPF sensors are intact and fully operational
  • The DPF filter is completely extracted from the exhaust unit
  • The fuel filler cap sensor is a genuine component and operational
  • The additive level sensor is operational
  • The ECU Engine control unit is not faulty
  • The EGR valve operates as it should and/or in its closed position
  • Now you have confirmed all of the above are present and correct you can proceed to the next step.
  • We recommend you follow these instructions to ensure a successful deletion, however if you have been presented with a vehicle that has already had the DPF filter removed, or the diagnostic tools you own have limited capabilities, then you can attempt the manual reset procedure of the BSI, which you can find at the bottom of this page..

PCW Recommended Diagnostic Tools

  • PSA: Peugeot Planet - Lexia
  • Ford: IDS

Other tools we know of that can perform these tasks successfully:

  • Delphi Diagnostics
  • Snap on: Solus and higher models
  • Autel: Maxicheck, ds708, ms908
  • Launch x431


  • Clear all of the DTC's from the engine control unit and the BSI.
  • If there are still DTC's present for the DPF data or DPF pressure sensor's do not worry at this point as they may require the next reset procedure before they will clear.
  • Once you have cleared the DTC's switch off the ignition and remove the key for 3 mins.


  • Reset DPF Particulate Data
  • Reset DPF Pressure Sensor
  • You Can Learn A New CATALYST To The System, This Will Help With Resetting Pre-cat Sensors
  • Reset All Mass Airflow Data
  • Reset The EGR Valve Position
  • Now tell the BSI the Additive Tank has been replaced and re-filled. This will reset the additive level sensor
  • Once you have carried out the reset procedure, switch off the ignition and remove the key for 3 mins.


  • Now go back and clear all DTC's. Any faults relating to DPF and EGR should be cleared prior to applying the mod file.
  • If you require DTC codes removing then please request this upon upload of your file to the PCW website.
  • Once you have cleared the DTC's switch off the ignition and remove the key for 3 mins.


  • Now you can flash the modified file to the ECU
  • On some peugeots with the heads-up display unit, may need to go into the diagnostic menu and perform a DTC check and reset once all these other steps are completed.
  • To do this you will need to select the menu button on the right hand side of the stereo face. Here you can scroll up/down and find either (Diagnostic Check) or (Vehicle Configuration). In here you will find the self diagnostic check. Carry out this procedure so the heads-up display can clear the additive warning light.
  • Test drive the vehicle and recheck for faults.

Manual BSI Reset Procedure

  • The software that controls the operation of these systems can become corrupt if the battery has been replaced and the BSI has not gone to shut down correctly prior to disconnection of the battery.
  • The system can be rebooted if a problem has occurred.

Follow this procedure for the reset

  • Have the drivers window fully open.
  • Open the bonnet and make sure all equipment is switched off including interior light.
  • Close all doors and remove key from the ignition.
  • Wait 3 minutes, disconnect the vehicle battery then wait 15 seconds.
  • Reconnect the vehicle battery and wait a further 10 seconds.
  • Switch on the side lights through the driver’s window.
  • Switch on the ignition DO NOT start the engine at this point.
  • Hold the lock button on the key down for 10 seconds while key is still in the ignition.
  • Switch off ignition and remove key open & close door to test central locking system.
  • Start the engine.