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Precision code works and its support

PrecisionCodeWorks works differently, in the fact that we are a file calibration service to professional chiptuners/garages. The 5 questions you answered when you registered with PCW gives us an insight into the level of your ability and experience.

Now, being an experienced chip tuner/mechanic means that we expect YOU to have at least the basic knowledge of tooling, procedures, protocols and different ecu types.


All information regarding anything technical, ie, how to open an ecu, ecu locations, DPF removal procedures and general guides and information sources can be found here Technical Guide. This guide will be constantly updated.

For tool problems please FIRST refer to your "in tool help guides", use google for reference or email the tool manufacturer for support as this maybe a common issue to that particular tool/protocol.

If you are still experiencing a problem, then, once you have exhausted the WIKI and checked everything thoroughly, then a support ticket may be raised. We will require all information about the the job from start to finish and we will try to advise/assist if we can.

The following information should be easy to give if you follow a set methodical approach to chiptuning. Always research the job before you start to be sure that you, and your equipment are capable of the doing the job.

A brief description on the fault that you are experiencing and include steps already taken to get to this point

Confirm the vehicle, model and year

The ECU ID saved from the start of the OBD procedure

Information from the ECU label if it is a bench tune

SAK number on processor for TRI-CORE tunes

Confirm exactly what tools you are using and if they are genuine or clone

Confirm the power supply you are using, ie for some bench jobs a good supply voltage is required, or the use of a DC cable maybe needed in some cases

Send any error codes and/or messages that are shown