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Who we are PrecisionCodeWorks, the collective effort of five experienced software and automotive engineers, the team assembled in late 2013 to build PrecisionCodeWorks. The demands of this project required the use of skills that can only be honed and developed by decades of experience and training.

Our mission was to provide a user friendly, clear solution via innovation, to a sector that suffers greatly from misguided ignorance. With a ECU workshop located in Gloucester, England as well as a UK nationwide disaster recovery service, we are focused on professional support. Our research and development is carried out in-house on chassis dynometers and automotive proving grounds using our tier 1 automotive experience and contacts.

The service we provide

Our service mission is a simple one;

We focus purely on software provision and support. We do not provide or operate any kind of redundant franchise model nor do we support slave tools. Our priority is entirely focused on friendly service, quality and development. We provide ECU tuning files that are the most developed and refined in the industry.

Contact us

For general enquires please email