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*[[ECU Locations]]
*[[ECU Locations]]
*[[DPF Removal And Procedure Guide]]
*[[DPF Removal And Procedure Guide]]
*[[Dpf removal guide FAP additive systems]]
== PrecisionCodeWorks - The Company ==
== PrecisionCodeWorks - The Company ==

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Wiki Overview

The PrecisionCodeWorks wiki was developed to help you through any of the pit falls you may face when flashing an ECU. These pages have been put together by some of the most experienced and on the ground ECU tuning professionals. The team will continually update and add content to assist you, operating proactively we will use any support ticket information and the server meta data to prioritize.

The goal is to provide detailed information on every possible aspect of chip tuning, from the use of flash tools to vehicle specific data including DPF removal procedures and powertrain technical details. Step by step procedures in recovering and more importantly avoiding problems in the first place by using the knowledge gained by our experience. We will also provide detailed information on the principles of engine mapping as well as the only to lacking in the chip tuning industry the plain scientific facts of thermodynamic principles and combustion physics that should be required reading for any competent engine tuner.

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PrecisionCodeWorks - The Company

PrecisionCodeWorks is a product of more than 30 years in automotive engineering. On this journey our team have supported OEM powertrain development, performance tuning and the motorsport industry developing rare skill sets.


PrecisionCodeWorks Ltd. Trademark-2014

The server supports most OE controller’s such Bosch, Siemens, Denso, Ac Delco and Delphi. Our re-calibration support is comprehensive, covering DPF – EGR solutions, downstream lambda defeat, map switching and much more. The PCW file editing platforms are comprehensive utilizing factory and custom ASAP2-A2L data with far reaching abilities including 32bit floating point and hook to C export for high level functions. Our goal is to finally breach the gap between OE level calibration standards and the second tier tuning market.

The system supports most industry professional serial and debugger tooling such as CMD Flash, Alientech Kess and KTAG master systems. Our proven track record has time and time again assisted tuning companies to grow and remove the rework aspect of poor quality tuning files from their business.